Euology Team Video – Divinity

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Eulogy Wheels 2003

In this DVD you will have an intimate knowledge of what makes the Euology Wheels team so incredible. Skating parts will include Eric Schrijn, Robert Lievanos, Brian Hamm, Sam Fogarty, Walt Austin, Abdiel Colberg, Jaren Grob, and some of their friends.

I first had a huge vision of what I wanted to do with this video, and then decided that this video is not about my views, but those of the team. The team had basically full reign over their sections, while others who geographically were out of the loop left their vision to Eric and ESCO Zoo media. This is the first of many installments from the Eulogy Wheels team, and we all hope you enjoy it.

I would like to thank the team for their patience and continued loyalty. I am truly humbled by their growth as individuals and the knowledge they have decided to obtain. I have noticed that they have decided to work together to make this collective vision a reality. The power of teamwork and realizing that we are all part of a bigger picture helps with motivation and generates a positive attitude, and I am proud they have found that power within them.

Remember why you started skating! It is a fun and expressive exercise, a meditation if you will. Not only do you get a physical release, but a mental/spiritual one as well. It clears your mind and helps you focus. Take the benefits you have learned from skating and apply them  to all aspects of your life. Always have fun and be positive.


Isaac Oltmans

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