Chain Reaction

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“All the thrills of ‘The Fugitive’ and ‘Speed’ from the guys who gave you both. A sensational action thriller.” – Don Stotter, Entertainment Time-out

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A student machinist (Keanu Reeves) finds himself caught in a maze of secret government cover-ups, hi-tech espionage and murder after working on a ground-breaking scientific experiment. Eddie Kasalivich (Reeves) and Lily Sinclair (Rachel Weisz) are part of a team of scientists who have developed a revolutionary new source of energy. But no sooner have they finished celebrating their triumph, than their lab is destroyed and the head of their team killed. Named asĀ  the main suspects, Eddie and Lily quickly realize their only hope lies with a powerful and mysterious bureaucrat (Morgan Freeman) who may or may not be on their side.

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DVD, Region 1


106 minutes




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