Fallen Age Info Digest #20: July 22, 2001 – July 28, 2001

The following list of statements are the highlights of issues discussed on the forums over at ‘The Official Site‘ over the past week.

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This Info Digest will possibly be the last one for Fallen Age. At this point in time, the Fallen Age beta is on hold, indefinitely. Its a very depressing weekend for many of us. Between Savant, Drysart, E, and all the fans.

If you were unable to attend the chat on irc this past Friday, you may find the log here [2022 EDIT: TODO FIXLINK].

For the curious, no, The Online Gamer won’t be closing shop on this. – Sure, Fallen Age has been the only game supported up to this point, but there have been plans on supporting Dark Age of Camelot, among other games in the future. The Fallen Age section of the site will remain, as it may be helpful to players of Killride, and anyone curious about the game. Some parts of it may continue to be updated (Game Guide, Spoilers Section, Downloads, etc.)

  • Fallen Age placed on hold indefinitely
  • “Creative Differences” have arose with their partners in Korea.
  • Beta servers will be shut down this weekend.
  • They will be updating the website shortly.
  • There will be a special memorial t-shirt
  • They are working with Mythic for a possible rollover to DAoC.
  • Netamin isn’t going away, they have at least two other games under development, including a massive multiplayer online sports title, and a uh, another game.

In closing, a post by Savant… This is a post I’m making here, and on the thread regarding Fallen Age over at Lum’s. Thank you… all of you.

I didn’t know whether to scream, or cry today… It was rough. It’s the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make. Life is most definitely like a roller coaster, and sometimes, you just need to let it drive you and get out of its way.

I can only hope that we’ve done the right thing by our fans. Judging from the kind words here and elsewhere tonight, I think we have.

Mythic Entertainment and Mark Jacobs are really wonderful for having agreed to do this, they deserve a lot of credit. Thank you Mark, and thank you Mythic.

And fear not, loyal slugs, this is just the beginning…