Info Digests

Fallen Age Info Digests

The Fallen Age Info Digests are collections of statements made on the forums of the official website, as well as chat logs, press releases, and interviews for the game by Savant and Drysart. They are provided here as a means by which those not familiar with the game or with less time to read and wade through all the comments can get up to speed on the gist of the issues at hand.

Note: Some of the statements made within may be exact quotes, others may be assumptions. Nothing you read within should be construed as something that is, or will be, as our interpretations may vary from the original intent of any statement.

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#20July 22, 2001 – July 28, 2001Fallen Age’s Fallen Age
#19July 15, 2001 – July 21, 2001Missing Mobs, Spells, Quests
#18July 8, 2001 – July 14, 2001General Update, Broken Quests, Stats
#17July 1, 2001 – July 7, 2001Characters, Client Download, Patch, Item Upgrades
#16June 24, 2001 – June 30, 2001Website, Beta, Patch, Build Notes
#15June 17, 2001 – June 23, 2001Beta, Community, Randomness
#14June 10, 2001 – June 16, 2001Website Bugs, The Patch, E Duties, Willow, Performance
#13June 3, 2001 – June 9, 2001Website Bugs, Platinum, Shaman Issues, Experience, Korea (Killride), Maps, Combat, Interface, Storyline, Wanted Features, Open Beta
#12May 27, 2001 – June 2, 2001PK System, Patch, Character Management, Combat, Class Balance, Choppy Video, Skills, Wanted Features, Chat System, Items, Level 100-199 Content
#11May 20, 2001 – May 26, 2001Killride, Interface, Introduction of ‘E’, Technical Stuff
#10May 13, 2001 – May 19, 2001Drysart Summary, Patching
#9May 6, 2001 – May 12, 2001Monsters, Colony Mode, Patch, Bugs
#8April 29, 2001 – May 5, 2001Beta, Patch Information, Items, Quests, PvP, Dungeons
#7April 22, 2001 – April 28, 2001Beta, Beta Bugs, Avatar Customization, Character Stats
#6April 15, 2001 – April 21, 2001Patch Information, Characters, Network Requirements, Beta, Colonies, eBay, Interface
#5April 8, 2001 – April 14, 2001Interface, Beta, Character Classes, The World, Colonies, OS Ports, Items
#4April 1, 2001 – April 7, 2001Beta, Jail, Combat, Classes, Interface, Marriage & Housing, Colonies
#3March 25, 2001 – March 31, 2001Beta, Roleplaying, Interface, Combat, Equipment, Housing, Volunteers, NPCs, Colonies, Servers, 3rd Party Developers, The Map, Married with Children, PKing, Questing, Nations
#2March 18, 2001 – March 24, 2001Character PvP, Colony PvP, Jail, Nation Flags, Player Wipes, Interface, Critters
#1Beginning – March 17, 2001Colony PvP, Consentual PvP, General Combat, Jail, Beta Interface, Macroing, Characters, Bug Abuse, Colony Trading