The map of Beta Town

Buildings – In the southwest quadrant is the Blacksmith, Item Shop, and Armor Shop. In the northeast quadrant is the Bank and Warehouse

Dungeons – A cave is present in the northwest quadrant

Gates – Gates are located at the middle of each of the edges. The North Gate, East Gate, South Gate and West Gate

Landmarks – The Colony stone is the focal point in the north just inside the North Gate. The Rebirth Point is present in the center of town. The Twisted tree, Fountain of Soul and Rank Tower are all positioned in the southeast quadrant

Towns People – There are 6 key NPCs present in the town.

  • Fredrick – The trainer for Warriors
  • Beef
  • Angela – Sells Potions
  • Noel – Sells Armor and Weapons
  • Lusy – The trainer for Chakras
  • Edgar – The trainer for Shaman