Noel sells an assortment of weapons and armor in Beta Town

Warrior Weapons

Wooden SwordB: 50
S: 50
+21107Wooden Sword for an apprentice practicing to become a warrior. …submitted by Demon
Wooden SabreS: 80+414010A sword used in practice by warriors. …submitted by Demon
SwordS: 2800+6160?A long sword that has been around for a long while …submitted by Stormcrow
Short SabreS: 2400+8 ??…submitted by Bruno, Stormcrow
Steel ScimitarS: 3920+6+322020…submitted by Bruno, Stormcrow
Curved ScimitarS: ~10,000+7+828022…submitted by Jugernaut

Shaman Weapons

StaffB: 50
S: 50
+21106Shows that the holder is a priest. Each staff shows the identity of its owner. …submitted by Demon
StickS: 80+414010Shows that the holder is a priest. Each staff shows identity of its owner. …submitted by Demon
Maple StaffS: 2080+5+116017A lightweight strong staff made from dark maple which does not deteriorate easily. …submitted by Stormcrow

Chakra Weapons

Energy BallB: 50
S: 50
+21105A weapon of sorcery which mainly concentrates ESP into increasing power. …submitted by Demon
Easper BallS: 80+414010A weapon of training sorcerers. …submitted by Demon
Light BallS: 400+2+112060Used to attack its opponent with telepathic power. It is too bright to even see with normal eyes. …submitted by Demon
Charged BallS: ?+515020Electricity flows around the ball. An untrained individual couldn’t hold this. …submitted by Teral