Angela sells potions and other items in Beta Town

Healing PotionB: 100
S: 100
HP +40A water potion which recovers 40 healthpoints. The container is of a fragile material.
Spirit PotionB: 150
S: 150
ESP +40This potion recovers 40 ESP by clearing mental health. The container is of a fragile material.
Stamina PotionB: 100
S: 100
Movement +30A bright colored liquid made from ginseng. Please shake before drinking it.
Cure PotionS: 200Cuea +0Made from mixture of all kinds of herbs bearing a darkish color and a foul smell. Used to cure almost any simple sicknesssubmitted by Demon, Chuang-tzu
Greater Healing PotionS: 300HP +80A water potion which recovers 80 HP. Container of fragile material.submitted by Demon