Noel sells an assortment of weapons and armor in Beta Town

ImageNameCostDefenseMagic DefenseDescription
Shirt40+1 An everyday common shirt.
Leather Jacket800+2 A leather jacket lined with fur.
Hard Leather Jacket2100+2+1An upgraded leather jacket which can protect from slight impact.
Scale Jacket2700+3 Metallic nails have been attached to this leather jacket for more protection.
Copper Jacket3600+3+1This jacket is padded with copper to protect the body. It must be cleaned and maintained regularly or it will lose its color easily.
Pants40+1 Comfortable pants made for activity.
Leather Pants800+2 Working pants made with leather.
Hard Leather Pants2100+2+1Hardened leather pants for slight protection.
Scale Pants2700+3 Metallic nails have been attached to these leather pants for more protection.
Copper Pants3600+3+1Copper is attached around the pants for more protection, though it restricts a little mobility.
Belt30+1 A normal belt.
Leather Belt600+1+1A belt made from leather.
Hard Leather Belt1200+2 A hard leather belt which can hold weapons.
Scale Belt2100+2+1Provides protection with metallic materials surrounding the belt.
Copper Belt2700+3 Copper surrounds the belt for protection.
Shoes30+1 Common shoes.
Leather Shoes600+1+1Workmans leather shoes.
Hard Leather Shoes1200+2 Hard leather shoes with ankle protection.
Scale Shoes2100+2+1Shoes covered partially by thin metallic materials for protection.
Copper Shoes2700+3 Shoes covered with copper for protection.
Cats EyeS: 720 +1…submitted by Bruno, Demon
Blue PendentS: 720 +1A pendant with an icy cold force. It has been embedded with a stibe found in Northern Galicier Territorysubmitted by Demon