The Items & Equipment of Fallen Age are what you’d expect, and then some for a game of this magnitude. Basic items are acquired through traditional shops or monster drops, but the real joy in the system kicks in when you begin upgrading equipment. There are over 10,000 unique items per server, and Fallen Age will allow players to upgrade and make unique equipment. You can even become a one-stop rare and unique item salesman.

The equipment in the game is just as much a hybrid as is the game itself. There’s a screenshot of someone’s inventory on the screenshots page of the Official Fallen Age site which should show you a small bit of the variety (both sci fi and fantasy) of items to be available in Fallen Age.


ArmorDescription of the various types of armor available and their usage requirements
CreationCreating items through trade skills and colonies
GemsEnhance the abilities of items through the powers of gems
PotionsThe different types of potions and how they are used
RepairRepairing damaged items to prolong the inevitable decay
WeaponsA description of the assortment of weapons available