Colonies are based around a multitude of resources. These range from Natural Resources, to Manpower, Money, Energy, and Force. This area covers Natural Resources for the novice.

Although you start your colony with some natural resources, unless you collect more, you will run out quickly. The first thing you should do upon getting your colony is to explore until you find a geyser, and then place a resource collector.

The Resource Bar

Shown below is the Resource & Action bar, which is always visible in Colony Mode.

From left to right, the resources are

  • Natural Resources:
    • Letom
    • Lidium
    • Gas
  • Generated Resources:
    • Juno
    • Population (Manpower)
    • Energy
  • Force

The amount of each resource you have available will be shown to the right of the respective resource.

Collecting Natural Resources

Before you can begin collecting natural resources, you must find a geyser as shown above. You will have a total of 8 geysers of which you can place a resource collector on. Then, from the build menu, select either Gas1, Letom1, or
Lidium1. Position your mouse over the geyser such that the selected blocks turn yellow, indicating that building there would be valid.

When you have the selection range positioned correctly, click the left mouse button to begin building your resource collector. The process of building structures in your colony is explained in depth here not yet available.

Letom mines collect crystalized letom resources from deep below the earths surface. It is more often used in the building of structures that would naturally require intricate work.

Lidium mines collect mineral lidium resources from underground. It is a basic resource providing the foundation and primary structural support of buildings.

Gas drills collect a petrol like substance from the ground used mostly in the development of larger structures.