When you get your colony, you’ll start with 20,000 Juno. This may seem like a lot at first, but quickly you’ll realize that you’re going to need more before your colony is profitable.

You gain Juno through taxing your population, selling resources through trades, or depositing it through your bank from adventure mode.

You lose Juno through the cost of building and maintaining structures, paying your workers, buying resources through trade, or withdrawing it from your bank in adventure mode.

Building and Maintenance

Shown below is the information panel for Building a structure type ‘House1’. It takes 300 Letom, 300 Lidium, and 1500 Juno to build. If you do not have enough Juno to meet the build requirements, you will be prevented from starting construction on the new building.

Similarly, this is the information panel for Maintaining a structure of type ‘School’. It takes 2 of each resource to maintain, as well as 8 Juno per month

Taxation and Payment

The Estimate window gives you a quick run down on your colonies financial status. – It’s also the means by which you adjust the tax and payment rate for your population. The Current Account line (showing 11742) is how much Juno you presently have. You can adjust the tax and payment rate by using the up and down arrows on their respective lines. Also note that the estimate shows how much income you made last month through tax and trade, and how much is estimated to be made this month. The figure for Payment is like “wages” to your workers. Maintenance is costs to keep all your buildings running. It is unknown at this time what “Measure” is for. The Trade value is what you make from your factories and shops. Do not confuse it with Trading for immediate Juno explained in the next section. Finally, The Balance indicates how much your Current Account changed last month. * At this time, there are a few bugs, as you can see the numbers don’t exactly add up yet. – Beta


The Trade Window allows you to buy and sell resources. Whether buying or selling, you’ll need to use Force points. The chart at the top should display the current value (like the stock market), but unfortunately, at this point in time, its bugged. You buy and sell resources in increments of 10. For example, the cost of Lidium here is shown as 91, and the Price is 39. You can either buy 10 Lidium for 91 Juno, or sell 10 Lidium for 39 Juno. To buy or sell a resource, simply use the up and down arrows in the turnover box for the appropriate resource. Then click the button under buy or sell.


After you build a bank in colony mode, you can move Juno back and forth from Colony to Adventure to Colony, etc. as needed. When you first start your colony, you’ll find yourself constantly feeding it Juno to keep it afloat. If you don’t, and run out, your buildings will begin to decay, which is bad. Later on, your colony will provide a good source of income and you’ll be taking Juno out to buy and upgrade high level armor. *NOTE: The Deposit and Withdraw buttons are currently backwards.