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Land. Probably the single most important resource ever. In reality, the value of land is always increasing, and for good reason. – As our real world becomes more and more populated, the available land diminishes. The same holds true for
Colonies of Fallen Age. The amount of land you have to make use of is limited, and you’ll be rewarded for making efficient use of your land.


Immediately upon entering your colony for the first time, you’ll be presented with the panel displayed to the right. At this stage, no instructional text is provided, so you are left to literally guessing what it does. If you’ve played games such as Sim City however, you’ll quickly recognize this as a generator, of which you choose how much of certain elements will be placed throughout your colony. Starting from the top, there are lakes, rocks, mountains, and forest. Every one of these created will consume a 15×15 area. Your colony is a 256×256 map, so that works out to about 0.3% of your colony space for each one generated. At this time we don’t know if they affect colony warfare (slow down opponents), resources (maybe rocks help collecting Letom and Lidium), or if they are simply for decoration. Slide the orange ball to the left on the ball if you want less, slide it to the right if you want it to create more. When you are certain you have everything setup as desired, click the checkbox in the lower right corner of the panel. Its a one time thing, there’s no backtracking and changing your land once its “built”.


After generating your land, you begin the process of exploring it. Your mini map (see picture) initially starts all blacked out. As you explore areas of your colony, areas of the mini map will become visible. It requires 5 force to explore one section of the colony. There are 64 sections total, so overall, 320 force. You gain 1 force every 2 minutes. To explore a section, click the “eye” icon on the mini map control panel. Then select sections to explore with the mini map. When you explore a section, it will become visible in both your mini map and the colony itself.

Further Information…

The first thing you need to look for is a geyser. Its a vent with steam coming from it. As soon as you find one, start building a resource, such as Gas1.

Structures, such as Gas1, have specific sizes. To make efficient usage of your land, and working around any nature elements such as forest, rocks, lakes, etc. that you created when started your colony, view the Structures section of the guide.