Colonies are an interesting twist to MMORPGs. It is strategic and political warfare utilizing resource management and a huge trade skill system. It is about about conquering other colonies, placing soldiers, managing resources, playing politics, and overall using your mind to best your enemy… your fellow player.

You may want to take a look at the interface of Colony Mode. Taking part in Colonies isn’t required to play and enjoy the game, but it does offer an extra 100 levels of play, as well as bragging rights if you become an emperor. Not to mention additional unique items you can build and trade. If you have no interest in the strategic element to colonization, then you may let yourself be conquered. A conquered colony gives up 20-30% of its production to his King and no more.

Colonies take part in a seperate 3D perspective and begin as turn based. One may even go so far as to refer to them as “Sim-Colonies”. You begin by taking turns to explore the land and expand it. You build onto your land.

You can build *your own* bank where you store your own money and only your own money… *your own* item warehouse where you store your excess items… Your own research centers and laboratories and factories where you can advance your character or produce your own items.

You may also tax your colony to acquire money to spend however you wish. Your factories, farms, schools, and other resources in your colony provide you the ability to produce armor, weapons, and other such equipment (removing the need for old trade-skill systems found in other online games). Manage your resources properly, run your factories well, and you might just end up making some amazing unique items no one has ever seen before…


CombatStrategies of Inter-Colony Combat
LandThe land your colony resides on, and what to do with it
ResourcesResources attained through colonization and their uses. This area has not yet been completed.
StructuresThe various structures you can build in your colony. This contains spoiler information
TechnologiesTechnologies you can research to progress your colony. This area has not yet been completed.