The Basic Character Stats in Fallen Age are fairly common with other MMORPGs. Some stats you’ll recognize, others have differing names. There is currently no cap in how high you can raise them because the cost raises exponentially. Essentially, it’s a “soft cap.” There are however only 601 levels in the game at this point, and leveling is how you build your stats. So there are some limitations.

The brute force of your character. Raising this stat will increase the amount of damage you do in melee attacks, and how much weight you can carry.
+2 Attack
+2 Encumberance
Increases your stamina to allow for running greater distances. This stat also increases Accuracy.
+1 Accuracy
+2 Stamina
Decreases the amount of damage taken from physical attacks, and increases your total hit points.
+2 Defense
+2 Hit points
Wisdom will decrease damage received from special attacks such as spells and skills. It increases Magical Defense, helps when casting support spells, and increases your total ESP points.
+2 ESP
+.5 AID (Support Spells)
+1 ESP Regeneration @ 16
Blessing helps when casting healing and defensive or support spells
+2 ESP Defense
+1 AID (Support Spells)
This stat increases the amount of damage done by offensive spells.
+2 ESP Attack
Each class has 2 Primary Stats, 2 Secondary Stats, and 2 Tertiary Stats. We are presently working out the numbers as far as how much experience it takes to raise a given stat based upon its present level, and the character class. We do know that it is cheaper to raise a primary stat then any other stat when at the same level, and that secondary stats are cheaper then tertiary stats. The Table to the right outlines the stats that are primary, secondary, and tertiary for each class.

The Stats Table outlining the experience necessary to advance each stat to the next level may be found in the Spoilers section.
Stat \ ClassFighterShamanChakra

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