Marriage between characters has become rather common in recent years for MMORPGs. Automation of this process however, and applying real benefits, has been few and far between, until now.

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You can get married at 20 years of age. Marriage, like adoption, is handled through code. You can rent a church and get married. There is no need for GM Intervention. You do however have to marry a character of the opposite gender. And you can only be married to one character at a time.

In terms of roleplay, outside of renting the church, you can also wear tuxedos and dresses.


There are benefits to getting married outside of the roleplay aspect of things. For example, only married characters are awarded the opportunity to buy and live in a house. Also, as a married character, you have the ability to adopt. You will get an experience bonus when hunting together as a family. All these things are handled through code.


What’s that? – You’re sick and tired of him coming home late with the smell of perfume on his clothes? — She’s not pulling her share of the income to help pay the taxes on the house? – Well, have no fear, divorce is an option for married players. There are three ways to get a divorce:

  1. If your spouse doesn’t log in for 3 months, you can get a divorce for free.
  2. You can get a divorce via in-game mechanics at anytime for a fee.
  3. You can kill your spouse 3 times non-consentually, but doing so will cost you half the money in your bank, which goes to your spouse. You’ll also go to jail for 30 minutes on this one.

Be warned though, if you get divorced, you lose the house, and adopted children are no longer considered adopted.