Combat has always been a significant factor in successful games. Without struggle, theres no challenge, and thus little reason to play. In recent years, with the commercialization of the internet, games have taken player to player combat to the next level. We now have the capability to have all out wars online between thousands of players. Alliances and Treaties are formed between players, and guilds (nations) alike. The never ending desire to be #1 has sent many players honing and practicing their skills in battle.

Fallen Age provides a grand assortment of all things combat. Although Colonies [2022 EDIT: TODO FIXLINK] will be the primary focal point of combat between players in the game, its important to get down to the other methods of combat. Combat between players directly, and your standard player vs. monster combat, found in nearly every game out there.

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PvP Combat

Players may choose to fight each other in certain areas of the world within Fallen Age. There are places disallowing combat alltogether, areas that allow consentual combat, and still other sections of the world composed of open combat, with no restrictions or penalties. Then there are a multitude of forms of combat between players ranging from Gladiator Style Gamble Matches, to Guildwars, and Ladder Systems.

Consentual or Non…

  • Areas disallowing combat alltogether are dubbed “newbie areas”. They are there to provide a break from the ongoing combat throughout the rest of the world, and usually are focused in civilized areas such as towns.
  • The bulk of the world is considered a consentual combat zone. Players in this area may freely fight each other. If a player is attacked without consent, and they die, then the attacker may be subject to Penalties related to PKing (see below). Players may not attack nonconsentually until they are level 30 and above.
  • A small portion of the world is considered a “Free-For-All” Combat zone. No consent is necessary to attack others in these areas, and no penalties will result in the death of another character. It is recommended to travel through these areas in a group, as there are safety in numbers.

Choose Your Method…

  • Deathmatches – Where you can have a fight with up to 12 people (6 on 6) and bet money on your fights. A deathmatch may occur anywhere, even in “newbie areas”. The battle is taken to a “flip screen” and is secluded to just the contestants. Be forewarned, it is as it implies, to the death. There is no getting out until you’ve been defeated, or you’ve defeated everyone else. As a contestant, you may bet Juno, and in the future, items as well on the fight.
  • Ladders – There is an in-game ladder system where you can fight to have your name at the top of the list. Rumor has it that the ladder will be available for viewing on the official Fallen Age site.
  • Gamble Matches – Similar to Deathmatches, but up to 30 people at a time, in Gladiator style combat. Spectators may watch these matches and bet on the fights.
  • Guild Wars – Think of a complex long term “Capture the Flag” type game. Guilds, known as Nations in Fallen Age may have their own images used to represent them on their flag. Flags may be captured by other nations and taken back to the “Guildhouse” for display. Similar to the Ladder System, there is discussion to have the top ranking nations noted on the website.
  • Colonization Mode – An entirely unique RTS element to the mega-multiplayer online game genre where political turf wars will take place. Armies you build will conquer your opponents territories and alliances will be made. Emperors will rise and be rewarded. If you ever wanted to play a tyrant and truly lord it over your underlings, Colonization is the way to go.

PvM Combat

Ninety-Nine percent of games in existence have some form of monster oriented combat, so why should Fallen Age be any different. Monster combat helps drive the story and background of fallen age. Some of the various monsters [2022 EDIT: TODO FIXLINK] in the game include a 15 foot giant slug. Fighting monsters is the ideal way to progress your characters combat skills before dueling other players.


Death is not new to anyone. The challenge to most online games is how to handle death. Fallen Age changes the rules a bit and twists a few arms of those that intentionally set out to kill others. For those that die without bad intentions, they try to make the process relatively painless.

As with most multi-player online games, perminent death will not be present. It has yet to be proven in the industry.

Up to level 30, you lose absolutely nothing on death. After level 30, you randomly lose 0 to 70% of the gold you’re carrying, OR 0 to 25% of the EXP you have not spent. It’s completely random, whether you lose gold or experience points (EXP), and how much you exactly lose. You can lose just 1% of the gold you’re carrying, or up to 70%. Or 2% of your EXP, or up to 25%. This makes death still a worry, without being something you dread. You also, again randomly, drop one item when you die after level 30. Sometimes you drop one, sometimes you don’t. There is no difference between being killed by a monster or a player.

When you die, you are returned to the town that you are bound to. There is no worry to run back and hunt for your body, unless you found that the item that you may have lost is very dear to you.

As far as looting goes, there shouldn’t be any worries. Again, you will not have a body left behind and if you are at level 30 or above, then you might randomly drop an item.

Penalties for PKing

Player Killers (PKs), are those who have killed other players without consent, and have been reported 3 or more times. Because Fallen Age offers a wide range of combat opportunities, PKing is noted as anti-social behavior, and as such, severe penalties are warrented. Note however, that these penalties will probably not exist on dedicated PK game servers.

PKs lose 100% of unspent gold and experience when they die, as well as an item. There is no randomness about it. In addition, honor points are lost, making their colony more likely to falling victim to natural disasters.

They are also subject to the “do the crime, do the time” scenario, as they are sent to jail for a period of 30 minutes. While in jail, PKs cannot speak or interact with others in jail, and must complete a mini-quest to get out. A PK doesn’t work off any time by standing idle. Monsters are prevalent, and they’ll have to fight to survive. No experience points are earned while in jail. The kill count is dropped back to zero when they get out of jail, but for someone who wants to grief PvP on a regular basis, those 30 minute jail periods add up quickly.