Aging, Leveling, Tech Ranks

Fallen Age utilizes common progression methods such as Leveling, as well as not so often methods such as Character Age. Some features of the game are not available until your character reaches a certain level or age. And still, more capabilities are given to your character or colony upon reaching certain tech ranks.

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Your character will age one year for every 48 hours of game play. There are no disadvantages to aging. So theres no need to worry about your character becoming too old to fight effectively, and possible permanent death as a result. There is no permanent death. In fact, Aging only offers benefits.

You begin the game at age 17. When you reach the age of 20, if you’re married, you can buy a house. When you reach the age of 100, your character takes on the appearance of an elder, complete with a cane. Aging helps denote your experience in the game. Its an easy way for others to identify you.

AgeAbilityOnline TimeEstimated Time
17Starting AgeN/AN/A
20Marriage6 days1 month
Own a house (if married)
Adopt another player as your child (if married)
100Look old, acquire cane5 1/2 months3-5 years


Acquiring higher levels allows you more options then previously available. Here is a brief list of the known options that become available. The most influentual level is level 30, in wich you will be able to interact with your colony, as well as attack other players. It is estimated that to acquire this level will take approximately 2-4 weeks requiring about 40 hours game time. It all comes down to how often you play.

When you raise a stat [2022 EDIT: TODO FIXLINK], you gain a level. Raising stats costs experience. You can gain experience through hunting, questing, making items, and colonization. There is currently no cap in how high you can raise stats because the cost raises exponentially. Essentially, it’s a “soft cap.”

Level Ability Estimated Time 30 Build Colony 2-4 Weeks 501 Max level in RPG environment 3 years 601 Max level using Colonies 4 years

Tech Ranks

Very little is known about Tech Ranks at this time. Look for more information here when beta begins. In the meantime, here’s an image of the concept of Tech Ranks. Derive what you can 😉