The ability to adopt other characters is a fairly new concept for MMORPGs. It is predominately a “roleplay” aspect, however, there are substantial benefits to adoption outside of the joy of having “offspring”. At the same token, there
are specific requirements to adopt, and you can only adopt characters of other players. No NPC Adoptions.


To adopt another character, your character must first be married to another character. The requirements for marriage may be found here. To maintain the adoption status, you must stay married to your spousal character. Adoption is performed through in-game mechanics at an “Adoption Agency”. All three parties involved must agree to the adoption. There are no age limitations in adoption, so theoretically, the adopted child character can be older then its parents. Its also assumed that a spouse who has been divorced can in turn later be adopted by their prior spouse, who has found a new partner. Confusing, or perhaps sick to say the least, but it will surely make things interesting. Now all I have to wonder is.. Who’s going to play “Jerry Springer”.


Apart from the obvious benefits to having a full family (husband, wife & child), you can receive experience bonuses as well. When the family is online, and adventuring together in a group, they receive an experience bonus.