Dec. 12th, 6415 A.D.

If any live to read this:

Know these things, and take joy in your survival. You are the last remnants of a once great race, the race of humanity. For many thousands of years we, your kind, ruled the surface world; we mastered all things and all knowledge, and the world rested in our palms. Yet, in our pride and curiosity, we delved too deeply into secrets and forbidden rites; and somehow, in our research, we attracted Thothan, the Dark Ones from Outside.

Thothan came upon us in a sudden storm, and we were overwhelmed. Our cities, our fortresses, all were annihilated, all our arms and banners turned to dust; inside a few broken moments, all was laid waste, naught left but charred and scattered fragments. They came in upon a strong wind from the northwest, and the sky was blackened with their arrival; we were tossed to the winds, a lost people, and our hearts were given over to chaos. Then appeared among us our first great Emperor, Siam. He had survived the onslaught with his mind intact, and he taught us again the knowledge and science we had lost, organized us into bands and armies, and led us back to war again against Thothan.

All that was longer than four hundred years ago. Yesterday, in a final cataclysm, The Great Emperor was slain. In his death he sent Thothan reeling; the chaos of that last clash is sweeping across the land, shattering all we’ve tried to build in these past four centuries. You, our children, are our last best hope. The best of our genes, selected by the Emperor before his death, are hidden away in catacombs deep beneath the earth. If all else is lost, then three hundred years from now you will emerge again into the surface world, the heirs to our knowledge and our civilization, the heirs of humanity.

If you are reading this, then it means all was lost upon the surface; but whether through cataclysm, or the renewed power of Thothan, we cannot know. Your tenacity for life is in itself deserving of respect. Go forth, young ones, into the world; rebuild our cities, and spread the gifts of civilization. If any of humanity are yet living, find them. If they cannot see, help them to find sight. If they cannot hear, help them to listen. What they do not know or have forgotten, teach to them. It is not given us to know if Siam’s final price broke Thothan, or if they remain watching, waiting. Prepare yourself for them, and beware. Your objective is to unify mankind and develop a new civilization, and to annihilate Thothan.

It’s your world now.