Fallen Age is a multiplayer game developed by Netamin.com, and played over the Internet. People you encounter within are among thousands of real players, and non-players alike, whose intentions may be to help you or hurt. The game is one of the first to employ a hybrid approach. Most games of this genre are stricly RPGs (Roleplaying Games). Fallen Age takes it a few steps further, touting itself as an RPG, an RTS (Real Time Strategy), as well as a PVP (Player vs. Player). The setting takes place on Earth, starting in the year 6145 after an attack on the human race by an entity merely described as the Thothan.

Not only does Fallen Age intend to appeal to such a broad base of gamers through RPG and RTS, it also has a hybrid graphics approach. The game has both 2D and 3D elements. You begin playing in a two-dimensional isometric view known as “Adventure Mode”. After a short time, you’ll progress your character to the necessary level(30) to take advantage of the strategic portion of the game in “Colonization Mode”. For diehard role players, its not necessary to take part in Colonization. Likewise, for those who really want to focus solely on strategy and politics, there isn’t an excruciating need to spend much time Adventuring either.

But even if you are a diehard RTS fan, adventuring may still be something you’ll want to do. Fallen Age is a hybrid between Science Fiction and Fantasy as well.