Game Guide

The Fallen Age Game Guide is meant to provide you with a wealth of in depth information about the various aspects of Fallen Age. It is a continual work in progress, as the game design may change over time. The information for this document comes from the forums, interviews, chat sessions, faqs, and in some cases, assumptions. If you have information to add to this resource, suggestions, or corrections, please send it to Krozy

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GeneralAn overview of the game in general
FeaturesFeatures available currently, or planned for future implementation. This area has not yet been completed.
StorylineThe history and ongoing saga of the world of Fallen Age
Terms of ServiceFallen Age License Agreement and Rules of Conduct


GeneralAn overview on characters in general
AdoptionRequirements and benefits of character adoption
Age & LevelingInformation about Character Aging & Leveling, its benefits, and Tech Ranks
ClassesThe different character classes available
CombatTactics & Rules of PvP and PvM combat
CreationThe process of creating a new character
MarriageRequirements and benefits of marriage between characters, and possible divorce
Spells & SkillsDescription of spells & skills applicable to each character class
StatsThe core stats of all characters


GeneralAn overview of Colonies in General
CombatStrategies of Inter-Colony Combat
LandThe land your colony resides on, and what to do with it
ResourcesResources attained through colonization and their uses. This area has not yet been completed.
StructuresThe various structures you can build in your colony
TechnologiesTechnologies you can research to progress your colony. This area has not yet been completed.


GeneralAn overview of Housing in General. This area has not yet been completed.


GeneralAn overview of the client Interface in General
Adventure ModeA tutorial on the interface of the Adventuring Mode aspect of the game
Colony ModeA tutorial on the interface of the Colony Mode aspect of the game
RequirementsMinimum, Recommended, and “Real” Requirements for playing Fallen Age


GeneralAn overview of Items in General
ArmorDescription of the various types of armor available and their usage requirements
CreationCreating items through trade skills and colonies
GemsEnhance the abilities of items through the powers of gems
PotionsThe different types of potions and how they are used
RepairRepairing damaged items to prolong the inevitable decay
WeaponsA description of the assortment of weapons available


Beta TownThe map of Beta Town and summary of what can be found there.


GeneralAn overview of Nations in general
FlagsA directory of known Nations and their flags and symbols
ManagementManaging a nation, and how we can help


GeneralAn overview of NPCs in general
MonstersThe different types of monsters, critters, and general bad guys in the game
ShopkeepersThe various types of shopkeepers in the game and locations


GeneralAn overview of Quests in general
Festival of LightLevel 10 – Collect some common items for 1000 Juno
Noel’s Red LetterLevel 20 – Noel has lost a letter. Can you help him find it?
Colony QuestLevel 30 – Get your Colony!
Temple KnightsLevel 40 – Acquire necessary items for level 80 quest
Alter of 20thLevel 99 – Advance to level 100, and a new subclass ranking


GeneralThe list of spoiler information