Fallen Age

Fallen Age was a persistent state world (PSW), or Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) circa 2001. Working in partnership with a South Korean firm, Netamin of the United States was preparing to bring the game to the American market. A beta transpired in the summer of 2001. This section of the site is intended to restore content that was maintained on the old The Online Gamer web server of that era.

Frequently Asked Questions

Info Digests – Provided a weekly summary of information about the beta progression.

Screenshots – Collection of imagery captured from the game

User Submitted Content – Artwork, stories, and music prepared by fans of the game submitted to The Online Gamer website.

Items List – List of all items available in the game, and other spoilers, as extracted from the game client

Tools – Custom software created for parsing and modifying the client files